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My name is Jason. I have been a dedicated practitioner and explorer of spiritual and philosophical ideals and paths for over a decade. This has led me to majoring in philosophy and religious studies for my undergraduate degree and taking a few graduate level courses in these areas as well.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and I had the privilege of beginning my teacher training journey with my first teacher in Nepal in 2017. I have also enjoyed being able to explore Buddhist retreats in the Shambhala tradition, and Sufi whirling, or Sama. Meditation and reflection have become natural states of my existence–even though I still lose myself to external influences regularly.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration and elucidation of spiritual, philosophical, and psychological ideas and practices as I’ve experienced them throughout the years. I’m not only interested in expounding these ideas in and of themselves, but I’m also starting to experience a need to incorporate how these ideas fit into the broader socio-cultural contexts of contemporary life.

Some resistances I’ve experienced in myself, is that during my 20’s I primarily focused on experiencing different paths and traditions, as well as traveling and moving to many places. I have journaled regularly for years, but it’s been difficult to upload blog posts (this blog initially began in 2015). This has led to a surface kind of living. I have learned how to live, but not to thrive. I am now beginning to desire to change that, to go deeper, to discover how I can give of myself to the world.

This is where the title of my blog comes in. In all that I’ve done, I recognize that there is always much to learn, much that I do not know. I see that I am continually a beginner, and as such, the fool lives close to my heart. However, reflecting on the foolishness within me–that which energizes the childlike side of my nature–gives birth to the musings which I share here. It is out of these musings that I wish to grow, mature, and share.

We are all always in these processes of growth and maturing. We are all always beginners and fools.

Photo Titled: Hope, by: Rachel McFarren

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